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Doris loves her new kitchen

The kitchen in Doris Thomas’s kitchen in Nantyglo just wasn’t practical. It was difficult to reach anything on the work surfaces or to open cupboard doors from her wheelchair. Her family were so concerned they didn’t want her to use the kitchen, which was a real hardship for Mrs Thomas who loves to cook.

“The kitchen was dreadful. It was awful, nothing was right about it. I just couldn’t get to anything in my wheelchair,” said Mrs Thomas, whose father had built the property she lives in more than half a century earlier.

The property is now owned by Tai Calon Community Housing. When its Technical Services Manager, Peter Lewis, saw the kitchen he agreed with Mrs Thomas.

“It just wasn’t suitable for her. So I was really pleased to be able to do something about it without delay,” said Peter Lewis.

And he did. The kitchen was surveyed at short notice by Rebecca Roberts from Symphony Kitchens, and then P&P Builders, working with Tai Calon to bring its homes up to Welsh Housing Quality Standard, fitted the new kitchen.

“We managed to get it all done in 10 days and with very little fuss or disruption for Mrs Thomas. It was real team work and P&P Builders also widened the living and bedroom doors to make it easier for Mrs Thomas to move between the two rooms in her wheelchair,” added Peter Lewis.

As for Mrs Thomas, she is delighted with her new kitchen.

“It is fabulous and a thousand times better than the old one. I can reach everything I need and there is even space for me to get my wheelchair beneath the work surface so I can eat my breakfast in the kitchen.

I can’t fault anything done for me by Tai Calon and P&P. The workmen who fitted my kitchen were lovely and it was like coming into a new house,” she said.

Adrian Summers from P&P Builders added: “We are so glad to have helped Mrs Thomas. We are delighted that she is so pleased by her new kitchen.”

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