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Fit and Fed

35 children took part in our ‘Fit and Fed’ project in Brynmawr and Rassau, aimed at helping families with holiday hunger and the kids to become more active during the holidays.

Fit and Fed is a national project, driven by Street Games. We supported the project by hosting it at our community hubs, buying the food and being involved!

When the children arrived they made a healthy breakfast made of fresh fruit kebabs to kick start their day. Full of energy they would head off to their first activity session before returning for lunch; ham/chicken and cheese wraps with salad, one child said “I’ve never tried cucumber and I like it.” Bottled water was made available throughout the day to keep the kids hydrated and staying clear of the unhealthy alternatives. If there was any food remaining the children could take it home to share with their families.

When the project was coming to a close the children at times were ‘begging’ us to return. One parent who picked up their children said; “thank you so much for the last few days, my kids have really loved it.” “I have never played rugby like this before, it’s awesome,” was a reaction another when playing atomic rugby.

Due to the success of the pilot there are already plans in place to extent the project across the area working with new partners during the summer holidays. If you would like more information on this project or ‘holiday hunger’ you can contact our Communities team on 0300 303 1717 or email Communities@taicalon.org

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