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How are we dealing with complaints… October - December 2015

We received 28 formal and 7 informal complaints between October and December, 2015. This is down on the previous quarter.

22 complaints were upheld - this is up on the previous three months. 7 were partially upheld and 6, not upheld.

The highest number of formal (13) and informal (1) complaints were about repairs and maintenance.




Click here to find out more about our complaints process.

A formal complaint is where we are required to carry out an investigation through our official complaints process. The person making the complaint will receive a written response.

An informal complaint is not part of our official complaints process. It is where someone has expressed their unhappiness, and with their agreement, we resolve it without the need for a formal investigation.

Upheld is where we got it wrong and apologised.

Partially upheld is where we apologised for getting something wrong, however, we don't agree that everything was our fault.

Below is a breakdown of how many complaints were received in the different areas of the business.There is also information about the main theme of each complaint.


If you would like to make a complaint, or require more information about how you can, please contact the Monitoring and Liaison Officer on 0300 303 1717 or you can email us as at complaints@taicalon.org.

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