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Mum of two adores her new home

Mother of two Amy George adores her new home in Brynmawr. The kitchen and bathroom have been replaced and it’s been decorated just the way she likes it.

“I love my new flat. It is more of a home for me and the children. I also now have a garden for the boys to safely play in,” said Ms George.

The ground floor flat had been renovated by P&P Building and Roofing Contractors which is working with Tai Calon Community Housing to bring all its homes up to the Welsh Housing Quality Standard.

She was so delighted that Ms George wanted to publically thank P&P and Tai Calon for everything they have done for her and her sons, Morgan aged 4 and Liam who is 2.

Adrian Summers of P&P was glad to have played his part. “It meant a lot to us when Ms George thanked us for our work. We take a great deal of pride in what we do and it is nice to be appreciated.”

Ms George had previously lived in the upstairs flat, but had been unhappy with its condition. Tai Calon was arranging for the work to be done, but then decided to move her into the flat downstairs, which had become empty and fitted her family's needs much better.

Technical Services Manager, Peter Lewis, said: “As soon as we became aware of the problems Ms George was experiencing, I and the

team were determined to sort things out and give her a home to be proud of,” said Peter Lewis.

Ms George added: “Tai Calon has really proved me wrong. I can’t even tell you what it all means to me. Peter Lewis was exceptional, P&P was brilliant. They were also so good with the boys. Tai Calon has helped me so much.

“I have also got a job and everything seems to be coming together for us.”

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