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New Structure

Our Resources Director, David Lloyd, is leaving us to return to the private sector.

We are all very sad to see him leave. However, we have decided to use the opportunity to prepare for the next five years.

Next year we complete our work to bring our homes up to Welsh Housing Quality Standard - and the other promises made to tenants through the Offer document on transfer from Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council. We will also launch our Corporate Strategy for the next five years.

With all this in mind, the Board and Chief Executive, Jen Barfoot, have restructured parts of the business.

There is to be a new Director of Finance and IT. Martyn Price, currently Head of Finance, is taking over as interim Director. The directorate will include procurement.

There will also be a Director of Organisational Development and Human Resources. This department will focus on Tai Calon as an organisation and support the delivery of our vision, mission and values. The new post will be advertised shortly.

There will also be a Corporate Services section covering governance, performance management, strategic planning, communications, equalities and business improvement. Jane Strange will be the interim head of service and will also act as interim Company Secretary.

The roles of Andrew Myatt, Director of Communities and Housing, and Bill Pearch, Director of Assets and Property Services, will remain the same.

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