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Racemakers at Silverstone

A week ago, our very own Natalie Bayliss from the Communities team joined 25 other Racemakers in Silverstone for the British MotoGP. Here's what Natalie had to say about the weekend.

“Tai Calon has been working with the Circuit of Wales for a few months to arrange an amazing opportunity for 26 Racemakers.
They got to attend the Silverstone MotoGP weekend to work with the Silverstone Racemakers to learn how things are done.

The Racemakers left at 7.30am on Thursday to travel to the Silverstone circuit for training before setting up camp on the Woodlands Campsite.

Friday was the first day of work and all Racemakers were up and ready by 5.30am to get to their allocated zones for a 6.15am start.

Their duties included working at information points, directing customers to the correct stands or VIP areas, checking tickets, scanning passes and generally welcoming all to Silverstone. Everyone worked extremely long hours, sometimes up to 14 hours a day.

We were wearing the CoW uniform, so it is not surprising that literally hundreds of people asked us about it. It was very exciting talking to them about it and that we hope to see them here in Blaenau Gwent in 2017.

All the Racemakers had an amazing time and wanted to thank Tai Calon for giving them the opportunity to be the first CoW Racemakers.

In fact, the Silverstone Racemakers also hope that we will join them again next year and that they can then come to Wales when the track opens.”

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