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You said you wanted faster general repairs.

This is what we did...

We changed the repairs procedure and set faster timescales, which have reduced waiting times for these types of repairs.

We know that we can still do better so we will continue to focus on delivering repairs within our timescale to help keep your home in good repair. We have changed some of our materials suppliers and are now working closely with City Electrical Factors and Travis Perkins, amongst others. We will work with our suppliers to help us carry the right materials so that we can fix as many jobs as possible on our first visit.

We have looked at the surveys and comments received and we have learned that, where possible, you want appointments at the first point of contact, so that’s what we are working on next. It’s not going to be easy as we need to change how we are working at the moment. If it’s important to you then it’s important to us and we’ll find a way to make it work. We will keep you posted on progress with this next change through these newsletters. We have among the lowest housing association rents in Wales, which means we have limited budget so we must spend every £ with great care. Part of the way we manage this is to operate a recharge policy for damage that is not fair wear and tear. of course we know that vast majority of tenants are great at looking after their homes in the way the tenancy agreements require by regularly carrying out minor repairs, keeping the home in a ‘tenant like manner’ and by carrying out the minor jobs that a reasonable person would do. The list below are some of those jobs that are the tenants responsibility.

Tenants are responsible for:

• Keeping the inside and outside of the home clean and tidy

• Decorating the inside of your home, including making good small cracks or patches in the plaster

• Repairing damage caused by you or your visitors (deliberate or accidental examples can include basins, sockets, doors, glazing

• Repairs to any improvements you have made

• Clearing waste pipes and traps and unblocking gullies if blocked by you

• Replacing WC seats, and plugs and chains to sinks, basins and baths

• Bleeding radiators

• Replacing lost or broken keys, including the locks if required

• Re-setting fuse boards, and replacing light bulbs or lamps in standard fittings

• Repairing and replacing boundary fencing and gates that have been erected by themselves

• Maintaining gardens to a reasonable standard including hedges, grass and shrubs

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