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White Ribbon Day 2014

We are the the first housing association in the UK to be awarded White Ribbon status.

The campaign, to raise awareness about the issue of violence against women, is being supported by Tai Calon Community Housing in a number of different ways.

To mark White Ribbon Day on Tuesday, male members of staff swapped their work boots for high heels to “walk a mile” in women’s shoes.

Everyone who took part also signed a pledge to never condone, commit or remain silent to any violence against women.

One of them was Head of Communities, Ross Watts. He said: “I have to say, well done to all the ladies that can wear these shoes on an evening out as well as day to day.

I am glad to have taken part, even if my feet are killing me now!”

The walk had been arranged by Anti Social Behaviour Officer, Kate Evans. “I am so proud of colleagues who readily agreed to take part in our walk. Everyone had a little bit of fun and at the same time get across such an important message about ending violence against women.”

Other members of staff signed up to the pledge during awareness sessions on White Ribbon Day. Tai Calon is also creating male White Ribbon ambassadors as well as actively promoting the campaign to tenants and residents.

Chief Executive, Jen Barfoot, said: “We as an organisation will not tolerate violence. This award is recognition of our hard work and commitment to the White Ribbon campaign.

“We would urge anyone who is suffering any form of abuse to seek help. We also call on everyone, not just men, to stand up and be counted by refusing to condone, commit or ignore violence of any kind.”

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