Energy Efficiency

This page offers advice and practical information on how you can save money on your energy bills, keeping you warmer for less.

  • You can save on average £300 a year by reducing the amount of energy you use.
  • You can save £30 a year by switching from a 60ºC wash to a 30ºC cycle. Make sure you have a full load – or use the ½ load economy programme.
  • Turning down your room thermostat by one degree can reduce bills by as much as £85-£90 a year.
  • If replacing an appliance, try and buy an energy efficient model. Running costs for a washing machine can vary between £11 and £50 per year.
  • Cut draughts and save up to £50 a year. Use draught excluders and thicker curtains, but don’t cover radiators and thermostats. For your safety, vents for gas or solid fuel fires should never be blocked.
  • You can save up to £30 a year by changing the way you boil your kettle. Instead of filling it, use half the amount of water and you could save enough electricity to run a TV set for an hour!
  • Don’t reach for the thermostat, if putting on a jumper will do.
  • For every minute a fridge door is left open – it will take at least 3 minutes to regain its temperature.
  • A Smart Meter shows you how much energy you are using in pounds and pence. It also sends readings to your supplier so you only pay for what you use.

The BIG Switch

Switching energy suppliers can SAVE YOU £100’s! It is also easy to do and can be done online or by telephone.

You can even switch if you have a pre-payment meter.

Web based comparison sites are a great way to shop around for energy. Ofgem, the industry’s national regulatory authority, has a list of approved sites which meets its Confidence Code. They are all independent and the options and prices will be calculated and displayed in a fair and unbiased way. Visit for more information.

You can also contact My Home Energy Switch on a Freephone number, 0800 001 4706. This is a free service operated by the National Housing Federation. The tariff calculator and switch process is provided by uSwitch and is accredited to the Ofgem Confidence Code.

To compare your energy costs you need:-

The name of your current tariff, your recent bill for gas and/or electricity.

If you rent, the name and address of your landlord. For tenants of Tai Calon Community Housing, our address is Solis One, Rising Sun Industrial Estate, Blaina, Blaenau Gwent, NP13 3JW.

You could also contact your existing supplier to make sure you are on the cheapest deal.