Bringing Robert Home

On referrals from an occupational therapist, Tai Calon can make adaptations to homes.

This referral was no different apart from the fact that the gentleman in question had been waiting a long time to come home.

Robert Morgan, aged 30, has multiple sclerosis which was diagnosed in childhood. Robert has been in hospital and rehab for the past seven years and only visited home for brief spells.

The adaptions needed to allow Robert to come home were not minor; they included having a lift installed, wheel chair ramps fitted, new access doors, decoration and structural alterations throughout.

The employees of Tai Calon involved in the renovations wanted to do them quickly and to the best standard to allow Robert to come home as soon as possible. The work was completed by the team in four weeks from start to finish.

The workmen were a brilliant bunch. Robert is going to be over the moon with that lift.

Robert Morgan Snr

It was a fantastic effort from start to finish by all the Adaptation team

Craig Dobbins, Team Manager

A big ‘welcome home Robert’ from everyone at Tai Calon.