Summer is here

For many of us, our attention turns to tidying the garden or carrying out home improvements, ready for summer.

We actively encourage residents to keep their homes and gardens up to a good standard so they can be enjoyed safely. Below are some useful points to think of before you start that dream project:

  • Do I need permission to make improvements?
    Check with us; we will support where we can and point you in the right direction if you need extra permissions from the Local Authority.
  • Will my project affect my neighbours?
    Putting up a shed, new fencing or planting can occasionally cause friction between neighbours. Speak to them in advance about your plans as communicating can often stop misunderstandings arising.
  • Do I have the right skill set?
    If you are planning any electrical work you must get permission from us and use a qualified tradesperson!
    Do I have the right equipment?

Make sure you have the right tools and protective equipment and you know how to use them.
Where an improvement is done well with permission it will be there for
you to enjoy for a long time. Where an improvement is done without permission we may have to ask you to undo all your hard work and put it back to how it was.

Enjoy the summer and stay safe!

Ian Harris – Head of Property Services