First housing association in Wales to sign a charter to end violence at work.

Tai Calon Community Housing has become the first housing association in Wales to sign a charter to end violence at work.

Physical and verbal intimidation of staff in the community and voluntary sector, including housing associations, is a significant problem, which is getting worse. The pioneering charter developed by UNISON, commits Tai Calon to a series of measures to help end the belief that violence and aggression is ‘part of the job’.

A UNISON survey of community and voluntary sector workers across the UK last year, found half had experienced a violent or aggressive incident at work in the preceding two years. Respondents complained of verbal and physical abuse and often shocking degrees of threatening behaviour. Staff had been punched, pushed, kicked, threatened with weapons and held against their will just for simply doing their jobs.

Housing association staff are professionals dedicated to helping the local community and those in need. It can be a very difficult and challenging environment but violence and aggression should never be seen as ‘part of the job’. By signing up to UNISON’s Violence at Work Charter Tai Calon has sent a strong message to employees and the wider community that they take this issue seriously. The charter sets a basic level of risk management and support for staff. We want all charities and housing associations to be proactive and sign our charter to help protect their staff.

Dave Rees, UNISON Blaenau Gwent branch chair

We have a committed and hard-working workforce that seeks to give the best possible service to residents. Our staff have the absolute right to be able to carry out their work without any fear of violence or aggression and so we are pleased to support UNISON’s charter to end violence at work.

Joe Logan, Tai Calon Community Housing’s Chief Executive