Rent Setting 2019

All of the services that Tai Calon provides to our tenants, for example repairs and improvements like new boilers, kitchens and bathrooms, are included in the rent our tenants pay.

Every year the Welsh Government advises us on the maximum rent we can charge using the Consumer Price Index. This year we are proposing to increase Tai Calon’s rents by 2.4%. Our rents are amongst the lowest in Wales. We also recognise that properties of the same type should be charged the same rent and over time we are working to achieve this.

Watch our Director of Resources explaining:

We are looking for your feedback on how we can enhance and achieve better results for you, our tenants. For this reason, we would welcome your input on rent affordability, but also what is important to you to ensure we are providing good value for money. Please get in touch or come to one of our Tenant Budget Consultation Events on Wednesday 30th January at 2pm or 5:30pm.


You can give us your feedback by taking part in our survey.

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