The Big Freeze

The beast from the East seems a long time ago and although snow was short lived, we received five times the number of emergency repair requests we would normally receive.

Many of the emergency repair requests were because of the condensate pipe from boilers freezing. So to prepare for this years freeze, here are some tips on how to unfreeze the condensate pipe yourself:

Why does it freeze?
If the condensate pipe runs outside, the cold weather could freeze the pipe and block it. A trigger is switched to shut down the boiler when it reaches a certain point to prevent the water flooding the system.

How do I clear it?
Clearing the frozen blockage is something you can do. If you are confident you have located the pipe externally then there are two ways of thawing the pipe yourself:

  1. The first option is to pour lukewarm water to the outside of the pipe.
  2. The second option is to use either a hot water bottle or a heat wrap (usually used for bad backs) and place it around the pipe at the section where the water has frozen.

*Safety Alert* You should never disconnect the condensate pipe in the process. DO NOT USE BOILING WATER!

If you are unsure it is always recommended that you phone us to come and carry out the repair.

For a helpful video on how to unfreeze your condensate pipe have a look on