Test it Friday

If you follow your local Fire & Rescue Service on Facebook or Twitter (and we recommend that you do), you will know that every week they encourage that we all take the time to test not just our own smoke alarms, but the smoke alarms of family and friends as well.

Fire can strike at any time and a working smoke alarm alerts you to danger so that you have the best chance of getting out safely. Regular testing of your alarm or those of family and friends will give you the peace of mind that, should fire start, you will be given the warning you need to escape. In addition to testing your alarms, check that there is a green light and regularly clean your alarms (at least every month).


  • Regularly check green mains indicator
  • Your alarms at the very least should be tested monthly.
  • If nuisance alarms occur press the “> <” button to silence the alarm for 10 minutes
  • Clean your alarm regularly (at least monthly)
  • Remove or completely cover your alarm when decorating to prevent dust or other contamination damaging the unit


  • Do not paint your alarm. Do not allow paint, water or dust to contaminate the alarm
  • You alarm is powered by 230VAC. Do not open or insert anything into the alarm.