Going Digital

A few residents at Peacehaven Court mentioned they had never used a computer, so they decided to do something about it!

In partnership with Bleanau Gwent Adult Learning, an 8 week course was set up on how to use laptops. The course started in September and was initially for 8 weeks.

The tutor Jim tailored the course to suit everyone, starting with ‘this is a computer and this is how you turn it on!’ During the first 8 weeks Jim covered the basics of how to navigate around the key pad, how to create a word document, how to use spell checks and create folders.

How to set up an email account. The residents really enjoyed the training and got a thirst for more. At the end of the 8 weeks Jim was more than happy to run another course. The second 8 week stint started just before Christmas learning how to use and understand the internet.

Look out for more information of more courses! Come, join in and learn something new.