How We Helped Ethan

Not his real name

A rent bill is the most important bill to pay. Everything starts with home, so paying rent to keep yours has to come first.

We are actively working with our tenants to pay their rent on time to make sure they always have a clear rent account and a home to live in.

We first met Ethan in April 2019 as he was not paying his rent on time. Ethan has severe depression and anxiety and finds coping with mail and dealing with correspondence extremely stressful. This can result in him becoming very agitated and he finds that people often disengage with him due to his temper. Ethan had been transferred over to Universal Credit and had taken an advance payment in order for him to live. He was finding the whole process extremely confusing and was worried about having no income. 

When his support worker Nikki met Ethan he explained that he was very frustrated, as everyone he spoke to was telling him differ- ent things and he did not know what to do. Nikki explained to Ethan that when he had taken the advance payment from Universal Credit, some of that money was for his rent and this should have been paid. Ethan stated that he thought that all the money he had was his living allowance.

“You are a diamond and I really appreciate everything you have done for me, you are the only person that has understood my mood swings and stuck by me through this whole process.” – Ethan

Nikki checked Ethan’s Universal Credit journal and found he was only receiving £189 for the month. After looking at his payments she saw
he was having a large amount of money taken from him to repay debt. Nikki contacted the recovery team at Universal Credit, arranged for this amount to be reduced and asked them to put it on hold for three months.

She also contacted Welsh Water and switched him to the Help U scheme, saving him £185 for the year.

Ethan looks after his sick father, so Nikki applied for carer’s allowance for him. As Ethan suffers with severe depression and anxiety which impacts on his every day life, Nikki helped him apply for Personal Independence Payment (PIP). Ethan had applied for PIP several times before but had always been refused. Nikki is pleased to say that Ethan has now been granted PIP, which is an additional annual income of £2,979. Nikki also took Ethan for an assessment for work capability which has been awarded so he now receives a further additional income of £3,936 for the year.

Ethan is now in a better place and he is coping with things a lot better as he now has an additional annual income of £7,100 and no longer needs to worry as he can now afford to live and pay his rent.

Remember: The Lifft team are always here to help.

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