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There’s nothing like coming home to a cosy house on a chilly day, but the cost of heating is an environmental issue as well as financial. Take a few simple steps to make your home’s heating more efficient to save resources and cash.

Most homes in the UK have gas central heating, meaning they’re kept warm with fossil fuel, but putting less demand on your boiler will reduce your gas consumption. Turning down your thermostat by a few degrees will help (pop a sweater on if you’re feeling chilly), as will using the valves on your radiators to set them to the right temperature for the room- and you can turn them off completely in rooms that aren’t in use. Make sure you allow our gas engineers access to service your gas boiler.

  • Set radiator valve
  • Block any draughts
  • Use thick curtains
  • Keep the door closed


There are small changes you can make today to make every room as well insulated as possible. Bear in mind that ventilation is important too, so on warmer winter days leave internal doors open, and get plenty of fresh air in through the windows in the summer.