Reduced repairs and maintenance service

As of Tuesday 31st March, the emergency repairs we will still be doing includes:

  • Burst pipes such as major radiator flooding
  • Significant leaks to internal water supplies and boilers where the leak cannot be isolated and/or water captured in a bowl, bucket etc.
  • Making safe after a break in, if instructed to do so by emergency services
  • Dangerous structures are to be referred to Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council however we would make safe if instructed
  • Complete electrical failure
  • Suspected gas or potential carbon monoxide leaks.  If you smell gas call emergency services on 0800 111 999
  • Complete loss of central heating where no other form of heating, would need to prioritise if numerous calls received
  • Complete electrical failure with exposed electrical conductors, wires etc.
  • Asbestos incident, possible disturbance
  • Fire if instructed to attend by emergency services
  • Faulty smoke alarm, only if in high risk area i.e. sheltered schemes or communal areas of low rise blocks
  • Blocked or leaking foul drain or toilet pan, if there is only one toilet at the property
  • Gas boiler landlord safety inspections
  • Lock changes for domestic abuse cases if the request comes from the Police or Community Housing Officer.

We have put safeguarding guidelines in place to ensure tenant and staff safety are in line with the Government guidelines:

  • No work is to be carried out by a member of our team who has coronavirus symptoms (however mild)
  • Social distancing guidelines are to be observed on visits by both our team and occupiers of the property (e.g. residents stays in another room of the home while work is carried out)
  • Use of protective clothing (PPE) by our team
  • Our team will wash/sanitize their hands on entering and leaving tenants homes
  • On departure our team will clean surfaces where they have been carrying out work