Helping those self-isolating

During this crisis, lots of vulnerable tenants and residents are now in self-isolation and are unable to leave their homes. Our team are on hand to help and support them through this difficult period by picking up shopping and medication for those in need.

Carl Dance, Scheme Co-ordinator from our Lifft Team has been working on the front line helping people in need.

He has been making regular trips to the local supermarket to provide essential goods to him and other residents unable to go shopping for themselves.

Mrs Rickwood, a resident from Cwm said;

Carl is a lovely, polite man and is always happy to help you.

Mr. Bevan from Six Bells called us, to thank everyone at Tai Calon that has helped him during his period of self-isolation.

Mrs Stockdale who is also a resident from Six Bells has also received help and support from Carl.

Mrs Stockdale said;

Due to my asthma I am unable to go out and if it wasn’t for Carl I wouldn’t be able to get any food in, he is invaluable.

If you or anyone you know is in need of support or assistance please give our team a call on 0300 303 1717 or drop us an email to