Grass Cutting

Tai Calon, like all other organisations and businesses has had to change the way that we work due to COVID-19.

As a result of these changes it has been necessary to delay grass cutting to enable us to prioritise fly tipping and litter/rubbish collection, as sadly we have seen a sharp increase in the quantity of rubbish being dumped. We are currently working with Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council to maximise resources to tackle this.

On the plus side there are many positive environmental benefits to this delay in grass cutting. There will be an increase in the amount and variety of wild flowers and other beneficial plants and grasses.

This increase will provide valuable food for insects such as bees, butterflies, and hover flies, and also enhance vital habitat for pollinators and other insects, which as we know have been in serious decline for a number of years. An increase in insect numbers is also good news for birds with hungry chicks to feed.

There are many wonderful and colourful plants that will now grow, many are old favourites but some you may not have noticed before. An improved environment is known to have positive health and wellbeing benefits and it is now commonly known that a quality green infrastructure makes people feel happier.

Daisies- commonly found throughout Britain are a ready source of food for pollinators, they brighten up green spaces and are a key component in ‘daisy chains.’

Dandelions- this plant, though considered as a weed, is very useful. It is a very important early spring source of nectar for pollinators, young leaves have been used in salads and the roots made into a coffee-like beverage. Though care should have been taken and expert advice sought if you plan on doing this yourself.

We would love to see pictures of plants and wildlife where you live, maybe in your own garden or from the local area if you’re out for a bit of exercise. But please keep in mind social distancing.