Lifft Team Meet Karl

Our support worker introduces you to Karl, these are her words.

Meet Karl…

Karl lives on his own in sheltered housing, he moved in when he was made homeless after having a nervous breakdown when his grandad passed away.

It was clear Karl would need support wherever he lived and sheltered housing was ideal for Karl to have his independence and also have some support.

I was asked to support Karl as he was not successful with his Personal Independence Payment (PIP) claim. We helped appeal the PIP decision and won Karl’s court appeal which then put Karl in a good place financially.

We referred him to GDAS to get some support for his alcoholism. We spoke about why he wanted to give up drinking and he said he wanted to make his grandad, who had passed away, proud and getting his driving licence meant a lot as cars and motor bikes were the one thing him and his grandad had in common.

We printed photos of Karl with his grandad with some of the cars they had and hung them in Karl’s flat to remind him why he was given up the alcohol. Karl loved this and told all his family about it.

It took almost a year of support to help Karl cut back safely on alcohol to eventually giving up all together. It was another year of some ups and downs of applying for his driving licence and eventually he had the good news he would be given his licence and would have yearly medicals, Karl received his licence in February this year. Karl says he couldn’t have done it without support.

Rachel Rees from our Lifft Service said…

This service continues to make a huge impact to all corners of people’s lives enriching both their physical & mental wellbeing. Our team of support workers give people the time they need, listen to them and work with them to best understand their needs, helping people to achieve their goals. The team really care, this is not just a job, they thrive on helping people and supporting people in a way that best suits that person.

If you or someone you know could benefit from some help, please contact the Lifft team on 0300 303 1717.