Sheltered housing during coronavirus

All our six Scheme Co-ordinators are contacting residents daily to ensure they are safe and their needs are being met.

Three of our Scheme Co-ordinators are providing reassurance to tenants by making welfare calls. Our other three are actively supporting tenants with shopping, prescription collection and scheme management tasks, such as fire alarm tests, across all our schemes.

There is of course the added reassurance of the 24-hour lifeline for each resident should they require assistance.

For our residents who have no other support, the Scheme Co-ordinators are collecting prescriptions and doing their essential shopping.

Whilst still managing the buildings, the teams are the first point of contact for loved ones and other organisations such as Social Services and Meals On Wheels. The team also gave up their bank holidays to continue to support tenants in our schemes.

Below are what our residents at the schemes say…

“Thank you for everything you do for us.”

“Thank you for the amazing support you have shown us all.”

“You cheer me up when I hear from you each day, it gives me the strength to get through another day.”

Mrs Stockdale who is a resident from Six Bells has received help and support from Carl Dance, one of the Scheme Co-ordinators. Mrs Stockdale said…

“Due to my asthma I am unable to go out and if it wasn’t for Carl I wouldn’t be able to get any food in, he is invaluable.”

“I find myself smiling when the phone rings and it’s you.”

“You make my day with the telephone calls.”

“You’re like a shining light in these dark times.”

“Thanks to our Scheme Co-ordinators for keeping regular checks on us.”

“Thank you for your calls it makes my day, I miss you and your kind heart.”

“Thank you Tai Calon for giving us such amazing Scheme Co-ordinators, this would be hard to get through without their support and kindness.”