Our commitments to you

We recognise this is an uncertain and difficult time for everybody right now. COVID-19 is rapidly changing the world around us, and having a profound impact on people’s jobs, communities and lives.

We stand by the communities we serve in these uncertain times, and we want to make a number of commitments to tenants:

  • We will keep tenants safe and secure in their homes
  • We are concerned by the rise in domestic abuse and anti-social behaviour and we will work, in partnership with the local authority and other service providers, to support those who are affected
  • We will give you information, guidance and advice on managing your money and we will ensure that tenants have access to the advice that is appropriate for their situation.

This could include:

  • Signposting, advice and guidance to navigate the welfare system and access Universal Credit and other benefits that people are entitled to
  • Supporting people to access emergency payments to meet their energy costs
  • Working with local partners to arrange access to services such as food banks who can provide tenants with the essentials they may be struggling to get
  • Supporting people to access other emergency grants and support that may be available
  • We will support tenants and find solutions if they have difficulty paying rent. Paying rent is important to ensure we can continue to provide essential services, such as maintaining your homes and keeping them safe
  • However, we recognise that with the huge impact on people’s jobs and livelihoods, some will experience a sudden or significant loss to their income. We are here to help, and we have staff who will be able to support tenants through this difficult period
  • Where people experience financial difficulties, we will listen, advise and support them to make suitable arrangements to pay their rent that are affordable and manageable for the long term
  • We will not evict anyone from their homes as a result of financial hardship caused by COVID-19

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