Meet Mrs P

Mrs P has two young children, is expecting her third child and has been struggling to pay her bills including her rent. She had significant rent arrears and was on the verge of eviction.

Mrs P would answer our calls and made numerous promises of payment but never managed to pay. Lisa Webley from our Rents team was reviewing the situation Mrs P had got herself into.

Lisa rang Mrs P to see if there was any help she could give and to try and find out what the underlying problems were in paying rent. After talking with Lisa, Mrs P said she has two young children, pregnant with her third and was struggling with money and paying bills. Mrs P was also affected by the bedroom tax which didn’t help. Her claim for discretionary housing payment (DHP) was completed over the phone with Lisa and sent directly to Housing benefits. Lisa continued to support the tenant with follow up information and the DHP has been awarded, up until the end of the financial year, taking away the strain of making up the shortfall whilst she awaits the arrival of her new baby. Mrs P has now entered into a repayment arrangement to sustain her tenancy and should be in a much better position when the DHP comes to a close. Mrs P is very happy that the family can sleep soundly in the knowledge that her home is secure and safe awaiting their new arrival.

Home is where the heart is, look after it, pay your rent on time.

If you have any difficulty paying your rent please contact the income team on 0300 3030 1717