Service 1st – Customer Commitment

We always seek to put tenants at the heart of everything we do. To ensure our customer service standards are as high as possible and all tenants receive a consistently good service, we have developed Service 1st – Tai Calon’s commitment to customers. This was developed by speaking to and listening to customers. It represents a core attitude to service delivery that is embedded right across the organisation and guided by seven simple principles, all of which we know matter to our customers.

When delivering our services we will:

1. See things from the customer’s perspective

We will understand you, your needs and if we can’t do exactly what you want, we will explain why and offer alternatives.

2. Make your experience as straightforward as possible

We will design our services around simple processes, skilled people and achieving customer satisfaction.

3. Always be happy to help

We will be polite, respectful and professional making sure you get the help you need when you need it.

4. Do what we say we will do

We will make sure you know exactly what to expect from us and when we will deliver on our promises.

5. Get the communication right

We will provide a wide range of ways to get in touch, provide direct contact details and not use jargon. We will find out your communication preferences and use them. We will respond quickly and keep you updated.

6. Be open and honest

We will keep you informed, letting you know if things change and always being honest about why.

7. Be prepared to say sorry

If we get it wrong, we will always apologise, investigate why it happened and learn from it.

Alongside the customer commitment we have also developed “Better Together”. Engaging and consulting with tenants is a key priority for Tai Calon, and we held two independent reviews to understand in more detail tenants’ thoughts on how we work best together. The reviews indicated that many tenants are interested in being involved but do not want to use formal groups and meetings. Most want quicker and simpler ways to get engaged and are keen on using local events in neighbourhoods and on estates.

The result is the ‘Better Together’ initiative, where we have developed new ways to involve and consult with our tenants.We also retain formal methods of consultation with the establishment of the Tenant Quality Forum, which will help develop strategy, policy and help monitor how we are doing and help us improve.