STAR Survey 2017

As a tenant or resident of Tai Calon your feedback counts and we’re keen to hear your views. During September and October 2017 we used a independent research company to carry out around 2000 STAR (Survey of Tenants and Residents) satisfaction surveys by post, email or telephone. So you may receive a questionnaire through the post, by email or a telephone call.

STAR Survey 2017 Results

STAR stands for “Survey of Tenants And Residents” and are independent surveys used in social housing organisations; both Councils and Housing Associations. The survey was conducted by ARP research, a specialist market research company independent from Tai Calon.

The survey took place through September and October 2017. One third of all tenants, approximately 2,000, were sent a questionnaire and 709 responded:

This means we had a response rate of 37%, which has increased from 30% in 2016.

We carry out these surveys to listen and to learn where we can improve our service delivery. For each question, tenants were asked to say whether they were very or fairly satisfied, very or fairly dissatisfied or could also answer “neither”. The results below are for Very and Fairly Satisfied answers added together.

As a result of the relatively low levels of satisfaction with the repairs service in the 2016 survey we changed our repairs procedure. We now carry out repairs more quickly and aim to keep tenants informed in the period up to carrying out the repairs.

The increase in satisfaction levels between the 2016 and the recent 2017 survey would indicate that these improvements have been recognised. We are still working on improving this service and we hope you will see further improvements over time.

We were delighted to note that the highest levels of satisfaction at 93.5% was with the attitude of our trades staff, and at 92% with them keeping dirt and mess to a minimum. We would like to thank all those who completed the survey. Next year, we will be asking the same questions to a different group of around 2,000 tenants.