Glanffrwd Residential Development

 February 2022 Site Update 

We appreciate that the lack of information about what is happening at the Glanffrwd development site has been frustrating. However, when the initial contractor started having difficulties, we were restricted in the information we were allowed to share; we now can provide more advice to residents on what is happening with the scheme.

Our Current Position

Works have not gone the way we would have hoped. However, we will look to address the issues as soon as possible and hope that this will go some way to ease your concerns and keep you informed of our progress. WRW were a well-established Welsh-based company with extensive experience in social housing and the private sector; sadly, this didn’t prevent them from going into administration last year.

Appointing a New Contractor

We were about to appoint another contractor to complete the works; however, an issue was identified when carrying out final checks, meaning we could not appoint them. We understand this is disappointing news for local residents, and it is very frustrating for us as an organisation. We will start the process to appoint another contractor in the spring. This can take up to six months.

On-Going Management of Site

Green Hat Consulting will actively manage the site until a new contractor is appointed. This will include an initial clean-up of the site, removal of WRW signs, painting the hoardings and other works to improve the general appearance.

Addressing Site Issues

Western Power Distribution will reconnect the power supplies to the streetlights around the site by the end of February. The lamppost that has been removed cannot be replaced at this stage, and the temporary light will remain. New street lighting on the other side of the new road will illuminate this area. However, these cannot be installed at this stage. This will be done by the contractor appointed to complete the works. We plan to reopen the sections of the footpath around the site that have been closed over the next few weeks. We also plan to backfill the excavation opposite the houses at Rhiw Wen. This should enable the fence line to be moved, providing access to this area. As soon as we know the timescales, we will be in touch to let you know.

Final Thoughts

We hope this information will help provide reassurance that we are doing everything we can to resolve any ongoing issues. We remain committed to the Glanffrwd development and will do everything we can to keep people updated and improve the experience of local residents going forward.

 Andrew CookeAssets Services Manager 

Phone: 0300 303031717 




Planning Application Consultation – PAC Report (PDF)

Design and Access Statement (PDF)