Tenant Information

This section of the website aims to provide you with a range of helpful information about your tenancy, rights, and responsibilities.

Tai Calon will provide a repair & maintenance service to you which will focus on keeping your home wind and water-tight, improve the energy efficiency of your home to save you money (and help in the reduction of harmful carbon emissions that are contributing to climate change), and ensure the services to your home such as water, electricity and heating, are all working correctly. We will also deal with things that can impact your health & safety, such as fire safety, gas, condensation, etc. The Be safe in your home section covers these in more detail.

Your responsibilities include being a good tenant and neighbour, keeping your home and garden in good order, and carrying out any necessary minor jobs. This includes decorating, minor plaster repair, clearing wastes and gullies. These are explained in more detail in the Who is Responsible for Repairs? section of the website.

Sometimes there is no substitute for talking to a person. So don’t forget you can speak to our friendly and experienced staff in our customer service centre on 0300 303 1717 if you want some advice.