Mutual exchange

Mutual exchange enables tenants to swap their home with another Tai Calon tenant or a tenant of any other Housing Association or Council. This can be a great way of finding a more suitable home, either locally or in another area.

Who can ask to exchange?

Most tenants of Councils, Housing Associations or other Registered Social Landlords can request permission to carry out a mutual exchange, but you must have moved in and be living at your property. Some tenants are unable to exchange, for example, if you have a starter or assured shorthold tenancy. Please contact us if you are unsure about the type of tenancy you have, or to find out if you can ask for an exchange.

How do I find a mutual exchange swap?

You can find a mutual exchange swap on This is a free service and holds details of tenants from all over the country looking to swap their property. You can add your details if you wish and our Customer Services Advisors can help you if needed.

Helping tenants across Wales to swap homes using Facebook OVER 13,000 MEMBERS!

Tai Calon Community Housing is supporting House Swap Wales … a new Facebook page which can help tenants swap their homes. It has been developed by Cadwyn Housing to connect residents who are looking to move house in Wales quickly. To join, simply “Like” the Home Swap Wales page at

On the page you will find links to groups where you can leave posts about the type of property you have, or are looking to move into.

To find out more about House Swap Wales visit:

What should I do if I find someone to exchange with?

You contact the tenant directly and arrange to view each other’s property. Please make sure you look carefully at the property and you are satisfied with it. Please remember that if you move, Tai Calon will not carry out any cleaning, decorating or other work that is the tenant’s responsibility. If you like each other’s properties, you will need to apply for permission for the exchange.

How do I apply for permission?

Please put your request in writing to us at Tai Calon Community Housing, Solis One, Rising Sun Industrial Estate, Blaina, Blaenau Gwent. NP13 3JW. If you are a joint tenant, both tenants will need to sign the application letter and give us details of your contact telephone number. If you wish to exchange with someone who is not a Tai Calon tenant, you also need to contact their landlord.

What happens next?

Once the application letters have been received from all parties, we will check your tenancy records. The Neighbourhood Officer for your area will contact you to arrange a visit with a Technical Officer to inspect your home. An inspection is needed so that we can advise you of any tenant responsibilities or repairs that you need to do before the exchange, as well as advising the incoming tenant of any additional responsibilities.

If your exchange partner is not a tenant with Tai Calon, we will write to their landlord to request a reference. We will also forward a reference for you to the other landlord.

How long will it take for Tai Calon to make a decision?

We will try to make the decision as quickly as possible. The maximum time we are allowed to take to make the decision is 42 days.

Can Tai Calon refuse to give permission?

Examples where permission can be refused include:

  • Legal action is being taken e.g. a Notice Seeking Possession has been served or a Court Order has been issued.
  • The property is unsuitable for the household wanting to move e.g. it is to large or too small, it has been adapted for people with disabilities or it is sheltered housing.
  • You have a starter or introductory tenancy.
  • For further information, please contact your Neighbourhood Officer.

Can Tai Calon delay the move?

Tai Calon can attach a condition to any consent and you wouldbe unable to move until the condition was met. For example, we could give permission subject to you clearing any arrears on the rent account, or completing a repair or other work that you are responsible for. This must be done to our satisfaction and we will carry out an inspection to check this.

Once consent to move is agreed, Tai Calon will arrange for landlord gas and electric safety checks to be done before you move. You must allow our staff or contractors access to your property to carry out these checks.

How will I know your decision?

A letter will be sent to you, either giving permission andoutlining any conditions, or giving the reasons for refusal. The permission letter will also tell you about any items you will become responsible for e.g. any alterations or improvements made by your exchange partner, as Tai Calon will treat these items as if you carried them out yourself. This means Tai Calon will not be responsible for their upkeep or replacement.

What would happen if we moved before we had written permission?

If you move without written permission, you risk making you and your household homeless. Both you and the person that had moved into your home would become illegal occupants. You would also have no right to move back to your current home as you would have breached the tenancy of the property by giving up possession.

If Tai Calon gives written permission for the move to go ahead, what do I need to do?

You should contact your exchange partner to agree a date you would like to move and then contact your Neighbourhood Officer to confirm this. The moving date must be on a Monday. Your Neighbourhood Officer will make an appointment for you and your exchange partner to come into the office to complete the necessary paperwork.

You will be asked to sign a Deed of Assignment and you will be given a copy of the tenancy agreement. We will also explain your tenancy rights at this appointment. All joint tenants must attend this appointment.

How do I hand over the keys?

You must agree with the person you are exchanging with about how and when you will swap keys. If the property is not in the condition I expected, what can I do? It is your responsibility to inspect the property thoroughly before you agree to move and again before you hand over your keys. You should agree with your exchange partner exactly how they will be leaving the property and who will be responsible for any outstanding repairs or rubbish. You must not assume that Tai Calon will take responsibility for carrying out any work unless you have written confirmation that we will do so.

If you want further advice regarding mutual exchange please contact your Neighbourhood Officer on 0300 303 1717.