We have three different types of garages.

  1. Rented
  2. Leasehold (Lease granted from Tai Calon, previously BGCBC)
  3. Private (Garages built on land owned by us, with planning permission from BGCBC)


There is currently a waiting list for our rented garages. These can be applied for through our Housing Team.

Please download and complete the below application form and either email it to us at talktous@taicalon.org or you can post it back to us:

Tai Calon Community Housing,
Solis One,
Griffin Lane,
Rising Sun Industrial Estate,
Blaenau Gwent,
NP13 3JW
Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Services Team, who can arrange for the form to be posted to you.

If you have any queries about the garages in your area, please call our Customer Services Team or email talktous@taicalon.org


We do not currently have any leasehold garages available. These can not be applied for through application, as the lease is a legal document that requires a Solicitor.

Suppose you are the leaseholder of a garage and are looking to transfer your garage to someone else as you are moving away or no longer need the garage. In that case, a Notice of Transfer is required, and this must be completed through a Solicitor.

Please get in touch with our Land, Legal & Leasehold Partner, Helen Jones (helen.jones@taicalon.org), so that Helen can work with your solicitor to ensure the transfer goes smoothly.


These are garages, privately built on Tai Calon land with the permission of Tai Calon and Planning Permission from BGCBC. You must seek permission before starting your build and keep in touch with us during the process.

If you have any further queries or questions, please email talktous@taicalon.org or call 0300 303 1717


Garage application form