Our Land, Legal & Leasehold Partner is Helen Jones. Helen is here to answer any questions from Leaseholders, you can contact her Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm on 0300 303 1717 0r drop her an email: talktous@taicalon.org

If you are looking for information regarding leaseholders, the below information may also help:


Leasehold Properties/Homes

  • Lease copies: We have copies of many leases on the system. Please contact us if you wish to view a copy of your Lease. If you want to discuss any of the terms or conditions within your Lease, please contact us, and we will happily advise where we can.
  • Selling your Leasehold Property/home: – Please use Helen Jones as your point of contact for your Solicitor. Helen will liaise with your Solicitor to complete what is needed for sale.
  • Section 20 Works – Please contact us at Tai Calon if you wish to discuss any future work programmes that may affect your home. Our Compliance and Programme Teams are here to help.
  • Payments: Please contact us if you have difficulty paying for historical works. We will happily discuss a payment plan to suit you. We are here to support you.


Leasehold Garages

  • Lease copies: We have many garage leases on the system. If you wish to view a copy of your garage lease, please contact us, and we will send a copy to you.
  • If your Lease expires: Please don’t worry if your garage lease is due to expire; we won’t take the garage off you. We offer you an annual tenancy agreement in place of the Lease – thus making you the tenant of the garage instead of the leaseholder.
  • Selling your Leased garage: You CAN NOT sell your leased garage. But you do have options if you wish to use the garage no longer
  1. Transfer the Lease to an interested person – This will need to be completed through a Solicitor as a “Notice of transfer”. This is because the Lease is a legal document registered with Land Registry. The Notice of Transfer advises Land Registry that you are no longer the leaseholder. Many local solicitors can help.
  2. Give the garage back to Tai Calon – If you no longer need/use your garage, you can seek legal advice to forfeit the Lease, thus giving up the right to Leasehold status. Many local solicitors can help.

Purchasing/Renting Land

There are opportunities to purchase or rent plots of land that Tai Calon owns. Please be aware that all land interests are subject to an Asset Management decision. There is a Surveyors fee of £350.00 to value the land of interest. Please feel free to enquire via our email address: talktous@taicalon.org

How to get a copy of your lease

A copy of your lease document is available from the Land Registry Office for a small fee. You can contact them below:

Land Registry Wales Office
Ty Cwm Tawe
Phoenix Way

Call: 0844 892 1111