What is Safeguarding?

Safeguarding is the action that is taken to protect adults or children who might be at risk of harm, to order to prevent them suffering abuse.

Abuse or harm can happen anywhere, and it can be intended and unintended.

Safeguarding is everyone’s business.

If you think you are being harmed or know someone who is at risk of being harmed, you should tell someone. Don’t assume that someone else will tell and don’t worry if you think you might be wrong – it is still important for someone with experience and responsibility to look into it.

Possible signs of harm

  • Unexplained or unusual injuries or marks, bruises, bites, burns or scratches
  • Changes of behaviour, sometimes by itself or in the presence of another person or reluctance to be in their company.
  • Change of appetite or weight loss
  • Poor living conditions, or lack of appropriate clothing or dirty clothing
  • Witnessing violence such as pushing, shoving or hitting
  • Alcohol or drug misuse

Tai Calon works with partners to safeguard adults and children.  Staff have regular training to help us see and hear the signs. If you have concerns about the wellbeing of someone in a Tai Calon home,  please call us.  We will address the concerns in line with our Safeguarding policy & procedures.

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