We’ve got some fantastic news that’s sweeter than honey – the Welsh government has officially awarded Tai Calon the prestigious Bee Friendly accolade! 🌼🌸 

Since our first application in 2019, we’ve been very committed to fulfilling our promises to our buzzing buddies, and it’s paid off! Our dedication to creating a haven for our pollinator pals and preserving their habitats has led to this moment of triumph. We’re thrilled to announce that our efforts have been acknowledged and celebrated with this bee-utiful award. 🏆🐝

Our journey towards becoming a bee haven started a while back. From planting vibrant wildflowers to nurturing diverse green spaces, we’ve created an environment perfect for our little striped friends. Our commitment has been a hive of activity, and this award shows that hard work truly does pay off. 🌼🍃

It’s important to remember that our journey doesn’t stop here. I We have a year to gather more nectar and make our bee-friendly oasis more enticing. In 12 months, we’ll be resubmitting our application with updates that will be as exciting as a waggle dance! If our plans have the Welsh government doing the bee boogie, our award will remain safely with us. 🎉🕺

So, whether you’re a pollen enthusiast, a wildflower fanatic, or someone who believes in nurturing our environment, join us in celebrating this momentous occasion. Together, we’re creating a world that’s truly a buzz with life, colour, and harmony.

Let’s keep cherishing the small creatures that make our planet better. Remember to spread the word about our Bee Friendly award and why we want to make Blaenau Gwent as Bee Friendly as possible. 🌼🌺🐝 

Learn more about the Bee Friendly here: https://www.biodiversitywales.org.uk/Bee-Friendly