We are thrilled to announce that we had the incredible honour of receiving the TPAS Cymru 2023 Good Practice Award in the Tenant Voice category.

This prestigious recognition is a testament to our entire team’s unwavering dedication and hard work in our ongoing mission that By 2025, over 90% of Tai Calon tenants will be satisfied, or very satisfied, with the overall service that they receive. We proudly share this news with our valued customers, stakeholders, and partners. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our entire team for their hard work.

Winning the TPAS Cymru 2023 Good Practice Award for Tenant Voice is a significant milestone. This recognition highlights our commitment to amplifying the voices of our tenants and putting their needs at the forefront of our initiatives. We firmly believe involving tenants in decision-making and fostering open communication leads to meaningful service improvements.

This achievement would not have been possible without our passionate team’s collective efforts and our tenants’ invaluable support. We have built a strong collaboration, trust, and active participation foundation. Our tenants’ valuable feedback and insights have guided our endeavours and played a pivotal role in shaping our services to better meet their needs.

Our core objective has always been to enhance customer satisfaction, and this award reinforces our commitment to that mission. By actively engaging with our tenants and seeking their input, we have identified areas for improvement and implemented impactful changes. We firmly believe an empowered and engaged tenant community is essential for creating a thriving and inclusive living environment.

The TPAS Cymru Good Practice Award in the Tenant Voice category recognises the significance of involving tenants in decision-making processes. Tenant voice ensures that their lived experiences are heard, valued, and integrated into our business, leading to a more tenant-centric organisation. Together, we can create stronger communities, improve customer satisfaction, and ensure the provision of high-quality services that truly meet the needs of tenants.

We remain steadfast in amplifying the tenant voice, promoting collaboration, and positively impacting tenants’ lives. Let us strive for excellence and ensure that tenant voice remains at the heart of all our services.