Originally published 31st January 2022

This is what you have been telling us…

Firstly, thank you for all your feedback over the last 12 months.
This feedback helps us create great ideas on how we can better serve our customers. Since April, we have had an amazing 3,500 items of feedback!

So what is the feedback telling us?

From the October satisfaction survey, overall customer satisfaction with Tai Calon was 81%, the same as last year. It also showed that 84% of customers said we were easy to deal with. Further, 81% of customers felt they could trust Tai Calon.

However, Tai Calon customers were less satisfied with the repairs and maintenance service they received, the quality of their home, and their local neighbourhood.

We undertook another survey earlier in the year, supported by the Institute of Customer Service. The Institute of Customer Service survey across the UK lets us compare our customer satisfaction with Amazon, Specsavers and First Direct. That survey was clear in that we must improve the speed of, and how we deal with, failures in service, some of which become formal complaints. You also said that we must deliver “right first-time” services. So, if we make a promise, then deliver on it!

The survey showed that our customers talk most positively about our customer care skills, which we recognise is essential as we seek to improve further.

So, what next?

We need to do better. The good news is that we are already working to improve services based on your feedback in the areas that matter the most. However, we also know we still have a long way to go to achieve our 2025 mission of 90% of our customers being either satisfied or very satisfied with our service. Therefore, we will continue to seek your ideas and feedback on how we can improve further.

If you want to help, and we welcome any involvement, then maybe consider the following:

  • Being part of focus groups to discuss a particular issue
  • Feedback on how a particular interaction with Tai Calon worked for you
  • Helping us improve our communication

There’s no long-term commitment needed. You can also choose the services that you are most interested in, which could be improving our repairs service, or how we communicate.

Things won’t change overnight, but please be assured that we are totally committed to delivering the best service possible to our customers.

If you are interested in helping us improve, please contact Sarah Freeman on 0300 303 1717 or email talktous@taicalon.org. Of course, you can leave feedback about any service at any time by clicking here.