As a community landlord, we have an obligation under the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 (RHWA) to consult with our contract holders (tenants) regarding proposals on changes to the way we manage our homes or the services we provide, which may affect our contract holders.

These might be a new maintenance programme, improvement or demolition, or a change in practice or policy. Proposals on how we manage our homes are, for example, changes to our repair procedure or how we manage and maintain open spaces across our estates. This does not include rent changes or charges for our services and facilities.

To ensure an effective consultation process, we will engage with contract holders and listen to their views before making any final decision.

How this works?

Clear information will be given to contract holders affected by proposed changes. We will offer a range of ways to provide feedback, such as a questionnaire or focus groups.

We will review how we got the best feedback to ensure the scope and purpose of the consultation are clear.

Once a decision is made, we will inform contract holders of the outcome of a proposal. We will include information about how feedback was used to influence the outcome, depending on the nature of the proposal, including the senior management team, executive team and or Board approval. 


Our Obligation to Consult