At Tai Calon we are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and we have reviewed how we do this.

We recognise the importance of first-call resolution for our customers, and we are excited to announce the successful implementation of several initiatives aimed at streamlining processes and providing prompt assistance to our customers. To better understand areas where improvements could be made, we engaged with various teams across the organisation as well as our customers.

Previously, we would redirect inquiries regarding lost or misplaced rent cards to our Income team. However, through training and guidance, we realised that our Customer Services Team could handle these requests directly. Similarly, we noticed an increasing number of food bank voucher inquiries, prompting us to equip our Customer Services team with the necessary skills to issue vouchers when our rent and income team are busy. These changes allow customers to receive the assistance they require directly from our knowledgeable Customer Services team.

In collaboration with our Assets team, we have revolutionised the process of booking stock condition surveys. We have achieved remarkable results by managing the surveyor’s diary and proactively communicating with tenants to explain the process. On average, we have observed a staggering 73% increase in the number of properties surveyed per week, significantly reducing the need for appointment rescheduling.

“Our commitment to enhancing the customer experience drives our continuous pursuit of innovation and improvement,” said Chris Roche – Customer Service Manager at Tai Calon. “We are thrilled to witness the positive impact of these initiatives and remain dedicated to exploring further opportunities to assist our customers in even more effective ways.”

At Tai Calon, we value open communication and collaboration. We embrace new approaches and are always eager to explore innovative solutions that further enhance our services.