Please wait for your migration notice letter before applying for Universal Credit (UC).

When you get your ‘Migration Notice’ letter, making a Universal Credit (UC) claim by the deadline mentioned in the letter is essential. Don’t worry, the letter will have all the instructions you need.

To avoid losing any money, complete your UC claim as soon as you receive the letter. For further information on this please see Transitional protection if you receive a Migration Notice letter – GOV.UK (

UC will be replacing the following benefits. The Department of Working Pensions will tell you when to expect your letter.

Universal Credit explained

Find out more about the move to Universal Credit on the Government's website.

Further information and support on moving to UC is available on GOV.UK.

You can also get help by calling the Universal Credit Migration Notice helpline for free on 0800 169 0328.

If you have received your migration notice that the deadline to claim UC is approaching and you need more time to claim, you can call the helpline and ask for an extension.