We are thrilled to announce that we now have a new way for our customers to contact us.

Today, customers can connect with Tai Calon through WhatsApp via our 0300 303 1717 number. This offers a convenient and efficient way to engage with us.

We understand the importance of providing diverse communication channels in response to evolving customer preferences. While some customers still prefer traditional methods, such as phone calls or emails, the introduction of WhatsApp ensures that everyone can access the support they need, no matter their communication preference.

“We are thrilled to introduce WhatsApp as an additional means for our customers to reach us,” said Damian Vizard – Strategic Communications Business Partner at Tai Calon. “We recognise the significance of seamless communication and are committed to providing various options that align with our customer’s preferences. WhatsApp allows us to respond swiftly, ensuring a positive customer experience.”

Customers can rest assured that existing communication channels remain in place. Tai Calon can still be reached through our phone number, 0300 303 1717, or by emailing talktous@taicalon.org. The addition of WhatsApp is an extension of Tai Calon’s dedication to accessible communication, enhancing our ability to serve customers effectively.

With the introduction of WhatsApp, Tai Calon aims to offer a seamless and accessible experience, meeting customers’ diverse needs. Whether customers prefer a traditional call, an email, or the ease of WhatsApp, Tai Calon is committed to providing exceptional support and assistance.

“By embracing this new communication channel, we are confident in our ability to exceed customer expectations and deliver outstanding service across all platforms.” said Chris Roche – Customer Service Manager.

Tai Calon invites customers to explore the benefits of WhatsApp communication. We welcome feedback as we continue refining our engagement with customers. Our teamOur team aims to give our customers top-notch support regardless of their preferred contact method.