We’re proud to join forces with Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council, Gwent Police, and Blaenau Gwent Youth Services in launching ‘Talk 2gether’, a fresh campaign aimed at tackling the issue of anti-social behaviour (ASB) head-on and nurturing community wellbeing.

ASB encompasses behaviours that cause harassment, alarm, or distress to individuals or groups. From noise disturbances to vandalism and drug-related activities to hate crimes, ASB can severely impact the quality of life and create feelings of fear and insecurity within our communities. That’s why the ASB Taskforce, comprising representatives from the Council, Gwent Police, and Tai Calon, is working together to prevent and address ASB in several different ways, such as warning letters, Acceptable Behaviour Contracts, and Community Protection Notices.

As part of the task force’s efforts, there will be an operational arm that is made up of Community Safety Wardens, neighbourhood policing teams, PCSOs, and Youth Detached Workers to ensure a visible and proactive presence in our communities, particularly in areas that are hot spots for ASB.

‘Talk 2gether’ is more than just a campaign – it’s a series of engagement sessions where members of the ASB Taskforce will personally connect with residents across the county borough. These sessions offer a platform for residents to voice concerns, seek clarification, and receive updates on ASB mitigation efforts. Additionally, residents will be educated on effective reporting methods, whether online, via phone, or in person, as reporting incidents is essential for the task force to take appropriate action.

Stay tuned for announcements regarding the launch dates and locations of ‘Talk 2gether’ sessions, which will be shared via our social media channels and public notice boards. While initially focusing on areas directly impacted by ASB, these sessions are open to all residents interested in contributing to community wellbeing. To ensure accessibility, sessions will be scheduled at various times and locations.

‘Talk 2gether’ underscores our commitment to promoting community safety and wellbeing. By fostering open dialogue between the ASB Taskforce and residents, we aim to strengthen our communities and resilience.

Over the next year, we’ll continue engaging with you to explore additional ways to enhance community wellbeing.

Together, let’s make our communities safer, more vibrant, and supportive for everyone. Join the conversation with ‘Talk 2gether’.