Welcome to Tai Calon’s Welsh language scheme!

At Tai Calon, we are committed to fostering language equality and supporting the use of both Welsh and English in communicating with our customers and employees.  

Our dedication to this principle aligns with the Welsh Language Act 1993. We treat both languages equally, considering the linguistic profile of our areas, the demand for Welsh among our customers and employees, and what is reasonably practicable for Tai Calon. 

Consultation and Commitment 

We are consulting with our customers and employees and utilising public information to establish our language scheme.  

While recognising a modest demand for Welsh language services in Blaenau Gwent, we believe in offering flexibility. While we may not adopt a fully bilingual policy, we actively welcome communication in Welsh or English, respecting our customers’ language preferences. 

Service Planning and New Initiatives 

When developing new policies and initiatives, we conduct an Equality Impact Assessment that helps assess any linguistic consequences and ensure our employees know our language scheme. Our goal is to provide an effective service, irrespective of the language our customers choose. 

 Delivery of Service 

We aim to deliver high-quality services in both Welsh and English. Our Communication Plan outlines the services provided in Welsh, and we welcome contributions in various community languages and communication methods. We prioritise clear communication and provide language assistance when needed. 

Welsh Speaking customers 

We welcome correspondence in both Welsh and English and commit to dealing with inquiries promptly and efficiently. Our employees are guided on language equality in written and verbal communication. When face-to-face communication is required, we make efforts to accommodate Welsh speakers. 

Public Facing

Our corporate identity reflects a bilingual image, and our public documents, literature, and reports are produced in Welsh and English. We encourage bilingualism in public meetings, and our website offers accessibility features for a multitude of languages. 

Signs and Notices 

We are working to ensure that all signs, inside or outside our premises, are bilingual and reflect our commitment to equality in language representation by 2029.

Implementing and Monitoring the Scheme 

We are committed to having a workforce competent in both Welsh and English. We support staff in learning Welsh and encourage a mix of language skills among our Board members. Our scheme is regularly monitored and subject to an annual review, ensuring continuous improvement. 

Complaints Statement 

Our Complaints Policy, which is available in Welsh upon request, will handle complaints related to language service delivery. 

We are proud of our commitment to language equality, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions to enhance our Welsh Language Scheme further.