We are committed to doing our bit for the planet. We all must do our bit to future-proof what we love from a changing climate and more frequent natural emergencies.

Learn more here about how we’re trying to make positive changes in our homes, but with rising energy costs, it’s good to know how to keep your energy usage as low as possible by making some easy changes around your home!

  • Switch off items on standby. Yes, this means no more leaving the TV on standby all night!
  • Use draught excluders for doors when heating a room to help stop any loss of heat
  • Turn off the lights in rooms you’re not using
  • Wash your clothes at 30 degrees and avoid using the tumble dryer
  • Don’t overfill the kettle if you’re not using all the water
  • If you have a dishwasher at home, opt for hand washing unless you’re doing a full load
  • If you’re buying new appliances, check the energy rating for more efficient items
  • Turn your heating down and wear warmer clothes indoors
  • Consider swapping your lightbulbs for LED

Want energy advice and support with paying your energy bills? Head to our energy page to find out what help may be available.


Reducing water usage

  • Cutting down on your water usage is not only good for the environment. Still, it can also help save money if you’re on a water meter.
  • Did you know? According to The Wildlife Trust, conserving water helps to save energy. Filtering, heating and pumping water to your home requires energy, so reducing your water usage also reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Using less water helps to keep more in our ecosystems and helps to keep wetland habitats topped up for animals like otters, water voles, herons and fish.
  • Looking for ways to cut down your water usage? Why not try these easy water-saving tips!


In the bathroom

  • Showers use less water than baths, so try showering to save water usage
  • Put the plug in the basin when you wash and use the collected water instead
  • When brushing your teeth, ensure you turn off the tap
  • Ensure your taps are turned off fully and not dripping
  • Consider fitting a water-efficient shower head. You can find more information available by completing Welsh Water’s Get Water Fit calculator
  • Make sure any leaking taps are fixed to avoid wasting water


In the kitchen

  • When doing your laundry, wait until you have a full load
  • When washing up, use a washing-up bowl
  • Fix any leaking taps
  • Only fill the kettle with the water you need. This also saves energy!
  • Looking to buy a new appliance that uses water? Check to see how water efficient it is


In the garden

  • A water butt is a perfect way to reuse rainwater for your garden.
  • Instead of a garden sprinkler, consider using a watering can be filled from your water butt or handheld hose pipe.
  • Fit a hose trigger gun onto your hosepipe to only release the water you need
  • In your hanging basket, pots and tubs, add water retention crystals to help keep the compost moist
  • Don’t cut lawns too short and save the clippings to use as mulch to improve soil health