At Tai Calon, we are decarbonising our homes, which links to the new Welsh Housing Quality Standard 2023 and Welsh Government’s plan for Wales to achieve net zero, cutting greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible.

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Welsh Government has approved our recent Optimised Retrofit Programme (ORP) funding application for £1.3 million. The money will help our customers have warmer, more energy-efficient homes that are cheaper to heat whilst helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Across Wales, our homes are responsible for many greenhouse gas emissions. Making homes more energy-efficient by installing upgrades, like air-source heat pumps and solar panels, will help us reduce carbon emissions and keep our homes warmer, helping to reduce energy bills.

The £1.3 million boost secured through this funding will help us to create warmer, more energy-efficient homes that are affordable to heat and help lower carbon emissions. This funding will go towards installing 108 combined Solar PV and battery storage systems, marking a crucial step towards our goal of greener, more sustainable homes.

But why is this funding so significant? 

For the curious minds out there, here are 5 reasons:

  1. It powers change. This funding enables us to implement cutting-edge technologies like Air Source Heat Pumps and Solar panels, making ordinary homes more eco-friendly.
  2. It warms homes. By prioritising upgrades for the least energy-efficient homes, we can help families living in the most poorly performing homes feel warmer.
  3. It’s a step towards net zero. Our Optimised Retrofit Programme aligns with the Welsh Housing Quality Standard 2023 and the Welsh Government’s plan for Wales to achieve net zero, ensuring a cleaner, healthier planet for future generations.
  4. Reduces energy bills. By making homes more energy-efficient, we are saving the planet and helping families save on their energy bills, putting money back where it belongs, in your pockets.
  5. It’s a gift to the future. Children are stepping into a world that needs their care, and this funding is a gift, promising a brighter, warmer, and more sustainable future.

As we look forward to the positive impact this funding will have on our homes and communities, let us celebrate the journey towards a greener tomorrow.

While £1.3 million may appear substantial, it is just a fraction of the resources needed to improve the energy performance of our homes. We aim to make them more energy-efficient, ensuring they are easier to heat and significantly reducing carbon emissions. This financial support, though significant, represents only a portion of the funding needed for the upgrade and improvement we aspire to achieve.

Our dedication lies in creating and delivering sustainable, affordable homes with low carbon footprints, designed to cater to the present and future generations within our local communities. Collaborating with various organisations and partners, we are actively pursuing innovative funding and technological solutions to fulfil this commitment.

Explore the Welsh Governments Optimised Retrofit Programme here: and join us in the movement towards a more energy-efficient, eco-friendly world.