Tenants can transfer from one Tai Calon property to another if, for example, your current home has become too big, too small, or it is no longer suitable for your medical needs.

Register your housing application via the Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council website; http://www.blaenau-gwent.gov.uk 

Before we can consider an application for a transfer, you must:

  • Have a satisfactory rent record.
  • Have no rechargeable repairs after an inspection.
  • Not have done any unauthorised alterations to your home.
  • Have no evidence of nuisance caused at your current address.

 What if I cannot meet these requirements but really need to move house?

We may consider your application to transfer in exceptional circumstances, even if you do not meet the conditions required. Talk to your Tai Calon Community Housing Officer or The Lettings Team about your circumstances, and they will advise you.

Another option to move house is applying for a mutual exchange. Your Community Housing Officer can advise you on this process also.