We have provided life-changing support to Mr W during his time of need.

Following the tragic loss of his daughter and two grandchildren in a car crash, Mr W lived with a friend. He was given just two weeks to find other accommodation and had no bank account or identification with which to open one. He only had the clothes he was wearing that day. 

 Thankfully, Tai Calon’s Lifft Support Workers, Joanne Jones and Janice Elliott, stepped in to help Mr W. They applied for a birth certificate and secured a flat in one of Tai Calon’s sheltered schemes. They also registered Mr W with a bank and GP practice and accessed the Tai Calon Hardship Fund for bedding, crockery, pots and pans, and food. They applied for Housing/Council Tax Benefits and Personal Independence Payment, both of which were awarded. 

 As a result, Mr W had an additional £1,252 per month (annual £15,024) and a one-off payment of £2,742. He was grateful for the support he received, saying,  

“No one has ever helped me before or ever done anything like this for me. Thank you so much I love my home, I just can’t believe it is mine.” 

 This successful move for Mr W was made possible by the teamwork at Tai Calon. We are committed to helping those in need and providing support for tenants. This is just one example of how our team is making a real difference in people’s lives. 

For more information about our Lifft Team, visit our website https://www.taicalon.org/lifft-support/. You can call them on 0300 303 1717 or email them at talktous@taicalon.org