We are committed to equality, diversity, and inclusion principles. We want to be a responsible social organisation that is fair and inclusive in how we engage and represent customers (i.e. tenants and leaseholders), staff and other stakeholders.

Morally, these principles are about social justice and fairness. There are also strong business reasons to be committed to equality, diversity and inclusion.

  • Customer care and service improvement: knowing our customers and tailoring services to meet their individual and diverse needs.
  • Recruitment and retention: a workplace embracing equality, diversity and inclusion will be an employer of choice in competitive markets, attracting and retaining the best talent and reducing staff turnover.
  • Better governance: a diverse Board offers a depth and breadth of insight, perspective and experience that leads to increased creativity and more effective problem-solving.
  • Reputation: inclusive workplaces encourage loyalty and teamwork and maximise personal contribution.


What will we do?

  • Treat all individuals fairly and not discriminate on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation
  • Not discriminate on the grounds of language choice e.g., the Welsh language, any other language, or the use of British Sign Language
  • Advance equal opportunities and foster good relations between people from different equality groups
  • Ensure our services are informed by the diverse nature of our customers
  • Identify and remove barriers preventing or restricting access to services
  • Demonstrate equality of outcome in all areas of service provision
  • Identify and engage with minority groups that we need to reach
  • Gather and maintain information that enables us to understand the needs and preferences of customers
  • Deal with all complaints appropriately by monitoring and analysing them by protected characteristics
  • Oppose, eliminate, and ensure zero tolerance towards all forms of unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation
  • Respond immediately to any reported instances of abuse, violence or hate crime
  • Proactively tackle any institutional and systemic discrimination, complicity, racism, disablism, homophobia, transphobia and ageism corporately and at an individual level
  • Ensure our governance, participation and scrutiny arrangements are fully accountable, inclusive and representative
  • Continue our commitment to Tai Pawb’s “Deeds not Words” pledge by working towards being an anti-racist organisation
  • Provide a working environment that recognises the individual needs of staff, where each employee feels respected and able to give their best
  • Engage contractors, consultants and partners that can uphold the values of respect, fairness and understand

How will it be done?

  • Develop and implement effective leadership and governance arrangements to scrutinise performance on equality, diversity and inclusion and to make sure that this framework is delivered
  • Provide excellent services which are responsive, non-discriminatory and seek to deliver continuous improvement
  • Be an employer of choice by recruiting, supporting and retaining an effective, talented and motivated workforce that broadly reflects the communities we serve
  • Promote and encourage equality, diversity, and inclusion in all areas of our work.

To help us achieve our 4 equality diversity & inclusion objectives,  we have made an action plan for how we will deliver these.

Click the Objective titles below to find out more about them.

More information

Policy Statement
Tai Calon will continue to promote equality and diversity in housing.
Protected Characteristics
What are protected characteristics?
Welsh Language Scheme
Tai Calon has adopted the principle, that in the conduct of public business in Wales, that it will treat the Welsh and English languages on the basis of equality.